Success is No Accident

Protecting our workers and the environment are Mitchell’s top priorities. We comply with all health, safety and environmental standards to ensure a productive and safe work site. Our affiliation with ISNetworld and the Petroleum Education Council ensure that we stay current on safety compliance and management procedures. From flame-retardant clothing to four-way gas monitors, Mitchell’s provides workers with the right equipment to keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

Mitchell’s believes in environmental awareness and responsibility. Our new vehicles meet or exceed all emission standards. We routinely maintain all equipment to prevent fluid, oil and fuel from spilling into the environment. Double-wall bulk storage tanks help to further guard against fuel leaks.

Mitchell’s is committed to employee safety. Our high standards for health, safety and the environment are attained through the following principles:

  • Employees are properly trained in safety policies and accident prevention
  • Risk Management Coordinator actively maintains records of safety training
  • Management team and operation managers provide continuous improvement and monitoring processes
Training Roustabout Crews - HSE